Taksi Mauritius is a leading new airport transfer service that allows you to easily book your an airport taxi to your hotel (or vice-versa). We provide instant confirmation and all you need is 3 minutes to book your ride.

Our Story

We created Taski Mauritius to stop tourists from being ripped off by other local taxi services.We are two local entrepreneurs with a great passion in developing products and services that solves problems. A few years ago, we had a terrible experience at SSR International Airport, Mauritius whereby which we struggled to find a cheap way to get back home. Taxi drivers at the airport were asking soaring prices – some of which were thrice as much as you’d traditionally pay. There are no rules that governs taxi fares in Mauritius which explains why prices varies and skyrocket at certain locations. Frustrated by this experience, we did a in-depth marketplace research to only find out that reliable, affordable and quality transfer services were simply inexistent unless you’re ready to empty your pocket. This is why we created Taksi Mauritius – it all started with one great idea and a strong motivation to help others.

Airport.Hotel.AnywhereOur Mission

Our mission is to provide an island’s best airport and hotel transfer service at competitive prices and best value for our customer by leveraging our expertise in technology and logistics. Find out why you should choose us

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